Digital art has become a welcome and indispensable addition to my daily art practice. I love how it is always available to me in the studio, on the go or during the night hours when I cannot sleep. Unlike many digital artist who enjoy blurs and filters and computerized effects in their art, I use a more traditional approach, I call it “tra-digital”. I create art digitally in a way I would have created it on paper or a canvas. My digital tools closely mimic my studio tools and art supplies. Unless created in a flat illustration style my digital art prints are often mistaken for prints from an original painting or drawing.

I don’t know about you, but I can perfectly remember the patterns and textures from my childhood. I vividly recall the paisley dress of my great grandmother, her floral curtains and orange tablecloth made from crushed velvet. This is probably why pattern design holds a special place in my heart. As an artist, I usually see my work (paintings) being used for purely decorative purpose although with a lot of emotional strings attached. Seeing my work in a practical, useful way is something entirely different. I am incredibly honored that people choose to sew, wear and and create with my fabric, embedding it into their daily lives. All of my patterns are currently available on Spoonflower as fabric and on other sites, like Sprout, Roostery or Society 6, as decor and apparel.

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